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What causes our own orgasm?

In general, we stimulate our genitals because we have caused an orgasm. Men are aroused before they get the chance to have sex. Presumably, women are similarly aroused, so all that is needed is physical stimulation. But women are not automatically aroused in the same way that men are.

In order for a person to reach orgasm, they must stimulate their sexual organs. This is a key misconception about sexual intercourse. Even if the sexual organ can penetrate (as a penis can), it will not cause a lover to have an orgasm. The problem is that men want women to orgasm from intercourse (being passionate about the interaction).

No one has written a scholarly paper explaining how sex toys provide women with responsiveness they don't have in other, more natural ways. There is no research to show that anyone can achieve orgasm through the use of a vibrator. These are simply marketing claims. For sex toy suppliers ( ), this is a clever strategy because by purchasing a vibrator alone, a woman can convince herself that she has the ability to have an orgasm. The anatomy of her stimulation doesn't even matter. It is not an innate biological response, but a commodity that can be purchased.

Even men do not achieve orgasm simply by pushing a button. In order for stimulation to be effective, the mind must first focus on explicit eroticism for mental arousal. This takes time, and for women, it usually takes a lot of time. Few women realize that stimulation is only effective once they are mentally aroused. It is women's aversion to abstract mental fantasies that makes the vibrator so enticing. A gadget gives a woman something to do. But it's also clean and free of any dirty associations, so many women attribute it to the sex act. The gadget is acceptable because it can be accessorized and come in different colors.

Vibrators are often modeled after the dildo ( ) (shaped like an erect penis), which was a symbol of male potency in the past. The shape suggests eroticism, but also gives women the false impression that they should simulate intercourse to stimulate their vaginas. There is no doubt that the dildo is most useful for men who want anal penetration. It is difficult to explain how women respond to naturally occurring stimulation. Despite all the publicity, most women have never used a vibrator.

For most of our recorded history, there is no substitute for the penis. Women can't just use a stick because that would be too uncomfortable. If they used products like bananas every day (only in hot countries) then one would think that bananas would be associated with female pleasure rather than oral sex. If a woman wants vaginal stimulation, then there are more men who are willing. Why does she need alternatives?

Naturally, everyone accepts that the difficulty of female orgasm must be due to insufficient physical stimulation. Perhaps this implication can reassure women by inherently shifting the blame to men. However, such stimulation was invented only 200,000 years after the advent of Homo sapiens. It is as if sex toy makers came up with a gadget that allowed women who were unable to orgasm naturally to experience orgasm. However, responsiveness is not likely to appear suddenly.

Responsiveness is an evolving ability. This means that our ancestors had to have had a similar ability. It is unlikely that for the first time in human history, modern women will suddenly experience a new physiological response that is as basic as orgasm. By applying the "dog and ball theory" we can see that vibrators do not replicate any form of natural stimulation. Vibrating gadgets neither replicate the penis, nor do they pinch and massage manual stimulation into masturbation.

If women are aroused by their lovers, they will initiate the stimulation needed to have an orgasm. If women need an orgasm, then they will masturbate instinctively with their hands, not because they are being sold an a-head. The act of purchasing a vibrator indicates that a woman is looking for something that she would not naturally experience. It also reflects the political and emotional pressure on some women to believe they should have orgasms. This is a key reason why men never buy vibrators to help with orgasm. Orgasm occurs in the brain in the trivial sense that physical stimulation is almost accidental. Once aroused a person instinctively provides physical stimulation.

In the past, witch doctors sold ineffective lotions and potions to an ignorant, desperate public in need of treatment. Today, the sex industry thrives on people's embarrassment and ignorance about orgasms. If a woman finds that a vibrator does not work for her, then she has no one to tell. The marketing of these gadgets is so common that women find it hard to question their efficacy. Men do not use vibrators to stimulate their penises. This is the wrong way to stimulate. However, men do not question a woman's use of a vibrator. Orgasms occur in response to the stimulation provided or obtained by instinct. Vibrators do not increase women's enthusiasm for sex more than any other technology. Otherwise, people would be clamoring to buy them.


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